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People say the nicest things!

People love learning with Motimate. That's why over 3,500 Motis are completed every single day! We've now reached 130,000+ learners across 35 countries - why not listen to what some of them are saying?

REMA 1000

How REMA 1000, one of Scandinavia's largest grocery chains, used Motimate to manage its response to Covid-19.


How the franchise run operation Bademiljø uses Motimate to support sales campaigns.


How TusenFryd, Norway's largest theme park, onboarded and trained 750 seasonal, young, mobile workers in just 4 weeks.

Otiga Group

How Motimate has provided Otiga Group with a new and better way of helping the people in their organization to learn new skills.

Staples Solutions

Discover how Staples Solutions developed a culture of learning, inclusion, and transparency.


How Norway's largest financial services group used Motimate to build new competencies and stay ahead of the curve.


How Norway's largest hardware store uses Motimate to build expertise and culture among staff.

How online marketplace,, used Motimate to develop its managers and create a valuable learning resource.


How Atea, the market leader in IT infrastructure, grew engagement by making learning available anywhere, at any time.

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Motimate and Kahoot! are joining forces

We are so excited to announce that as of today, 7th of April 2021, Motimate is part of the Kahoot! family.

Learn more about Motimate and Kahoot! are joining forces
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