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Compelling courses from Motimate

We love partnering with leaders in a range of fields – from cybersecurity to diversity and inclusion ­– to develop specialist Moti courses that are accessible to all. Available as a one-off or subscription basis, discover them all right here.

Identify, understand and act on workplace equality

In conjunction with Equality Check, Norway’s leading diversity, equity & inclusion organisation, we have created a series of courses that enable your people with the know-how, awareness and tools to reduce the harmful impacts of unconscious bias, drive cultural changes and more.

Are you vulnerable to attack?

In conjunction with NorSIS, Norway’s official cyber security organisation, we have designed a short series of courses that arm teams with knowledge and know-how to beat off malicious forces.

Motimate has a low learning threshold which makes it incredibly inclusive and easy to use. When someone starts working with us, they are immediately invited to Motimate and get to know the company from the outset.

Tone Haugen-Flermoe

Communications and Marketing Manager at Staples Norway


A Motimate client created a course to teach waiting staff about fire safety whilst on-site in their restaurants. In order to move to the next course chapter, they had to scan QR codes placed on fire extinguishers.

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Motimate Autumn Release: Pumpkin-Spiced Edition 🍂🎃

Amber leaves drifting off the trees, pumpkin-spiced everything, and a fresh nip in the air can only mean one thing; Motimate’s Autumn release is here!

Learn more about Motimate Autumn Release: Pumpkin-Spiced Edition 🍂🎃
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