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  • Give your sales team all the knowledge they need, quickly and consistently.
  • Create Motis to support new sales campaigns and share information.
  • Reach sales reps and teams anywhere – in a franchise, on the road or at home.
  • Get the whole team working together with everyone equipped to do the best job possible

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Empower your sales people to sell

You can upload videos and articles, create podcasts, quizzes and games, chunking up learning into easily absorbed, bite-sized lessons accessible anytime, anywhere. People can even use Motis to learn as they carry out tasks, saving time and making knowledge and information easier to retain.

Want to know how Motimate can support sales and grow revenue?

Watch this video to find out how Bademiljø, a Norwegian franchise with 120 stores across Norway, has been using Motimate to train and communicate with 1,200 skilled and mobile employees and grow campaign revenue by 20% on featured products.

People are companies’ most valuable assets and providing extensive training can be not only fun but also profitable for the company and the employees. Our training system has helped us achieve that – and was one of the main reasons that we handled the crisis so well.

Tore Høylie

CHRO at REMA 1000


Did you know that e-learning produces an 18% INCREASE in employee engagement in the workplace.

What are you waiting for?

Get Motimate. Get creating. Get sharing.

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