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Making learning fun, easy & accessible for everyone!

At Motimate we believe in the power of life-long learning. We believe that shared knowledge and understanding fosters inclusivity, breaks down barriers and builds trust.

If you want a mobile learning solution that’s easy to implement and helps you deliver content users really engage with, Motimate is designed for you.

Revolutionize learning at work, school and home. How will you use Motimate?

Learning made fun & easy

Supercharge learning programs with dynamic content people will love. With Motimate even humdrum topics can become fun and engaging.

Onboard, train and retain

Help new employees hit the ground running. Train your brightest talents. Cultivate an inclusive culture of knowledge sharing and continuous learning.

Anytime, anywhere access

Put learners in control. Deliver engaging content directly to your people on their mobile devices, wherever they are and whenever they need it.

Track progress and performance

Motimate’s handy reporting dashboard makes it easy to keep track of learner progress, performance and engagement.

Integration made fast
and simple

Our open APIs make it really easy to integrate Motimate with your business systems and apps, so you can plug in and get going straight away.

Create engaging learning content

A one-stop-shop for all your content production and storytelling needs, Motimate Creative Studio helps you create a visually engaging user experience.

Hassle-free integration gets you up and running in minutes

Our open APIs make Motimate really easy to integrate with the business systems and apps you already use. So you can plug in and get going right away.

Create your first Moti in minutes

Create courses (we call them Motis), in a matter of minutes using our intuitive course-building Canvas tools. In just a few clicks you can create attention grabbing content that is fun and engaging.

Share the learning

Share your Motis with colleagues, customers, suppliers, volunteers, members – everyone’s invited!

What are you waiting for?

We know you’ll love the Motimate experience. Start your 30-day free trial today! No credit card required. No strings attached. During your free trial, you can be as independent as you want – we’re available to help however you need.

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Open technology that integrates with all your
favourite tools & platforms

What are you waiting for?

Get Motimate. Get creating. Get sharing.

Download our fantastic app, available on iOS and Android


Security that means business

At Motimate, we take security seriously. We have established policies, processes, methods, technologies and embraced proven standards to meet our customers’ availability and security requirements.

Security standards: our code of ethics

We have put in a effort to ensure that our platform meets the high standards that are expected by our clients.

We’ll protect your personal data and privacy

We provide physical, electronic, and procedural safeguards to protect the data that we process. 

Built on well known and trusted providers

Motimate is built on trusted providers such as Twillo, Cloudnary, Amazon web services and Heroku.

We’re always on hand to help

We are proud of how accessible and easy to use Motimate is and we want you to have the best possible experience. We are always on hand to help and we work hard to offer you outstanding support.


Did you know that productivity INCREASES BY 43% when using a mobile device as opposed to classroom training?

We’re adored by over 200 amazing companies and organizations.

Motimate can be used to create employee engagement in so many different ways – we are constantly discovering new ways to use the app.

Anders Sigstad

Head of Organization at Landkreditt

With Motimate, we look forward to providing our employees with easy access to learning content, when they want and where they want.

Henrik Færden Ellis

Project Manager HR at Cappelen Damm

Dive right in!

Get Motimate. Get creating. Get sharing.

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