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Autumn Release’22

Autumn is here! We've got improved MotiSpace Settings, bolstered security, new languages to add to our multilingual offering, and a shiny Group Admin feature to shout about.

Gamification or Game-based Learning – What’s the Difference and Why Does it Matter?

Stine Snekkenes is Motimate Creative Studio’s trained pedagogist and resident expert in the method and practice of creating online courses. Her experience working with diverse organizations has proven just how important well-thought-out design and communication is to creating successful online learning. Stine has made it her mission to help learning teams everywhere design and deliver […]

Why are Soft Skills Important and can they be Taught Online?

After COVID-19, organizations are facing the decision of whether to go back to in-person training, or to keep soft skills training online. We’re going to look at what these soft skills are, and the benefits and challenges of online and face-to-face soft skills training.

10 Top Tips to Help you Design Effective Software Training

Developing software training can feel like a daunting task. Stine put together some practical guidance and a helpful checklist to help you create software training that will hit the mark.

Designing for Inclusion in online learning

When people talk about inclusion, they often talk about diversity too. It’s true that the two are inextricably linked, but it’s important to recognize they are separate parts of an equation.

Summer Release’22

Summer: when the days become longer, the grass greener, and Motimate gets even better. From diplomas to new video options and a full refurb of the MotiSpace Settings, here’s everything to know about our latest product update…

5 ways to improve your online learning using micro-learning

In this blog, Motimate’s learning expert, Stine, gives you advice on how to revolutionize online training using 5 key microlearning principles.

Spring Release’22

We’ve been busy this Spring, getting lots of awesome new features ready to share with you! Here’s how these new updates will make things quicker, easier and more fun for you and your learners.

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Motimate Autumn Release: Pumpkin-Spiced Edition 🍂🎃

Amber leaves drifting off the trees, pumpkin-spiced everything, and a fresh nip in the air can only mean one thing; Motimate’s Autumn release is here!

Learn more about Motimate Autumn Release: Pumpkin-Spiced Edition 🍂🎃
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