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Motimate – designed to integrate

Break down barriers to learning and growth

Integrating your e-learning system with your cloud-based services has never been so easy. Our open APIs make it simple to integrate Motimate with the business systems and tools you already use. These integrations save time, maximize learning opportunities, and support better decision-making.

We support the following import formats and services:

  • Single Sign On – Azure, Auth0 and GSuite
  • User import – CSV, Open API and SCIM
  • Insights – XAPI and Excel
  • GDPR – CSV and Open API
  • Moti Content Block – Youtube, Vimeo, Ted Talk, Soundcloud, Dreambroker, Spotify, Proviso and Kahoot
  • Collaboration – MS Teams, Workplace 365 and Actimo

API integration

We use open APIs, making it really easy to integrate with the cloud-based systems and tools you already use. You can plug it in and get going right away.

Using APIs, you can integrate Motimate with any other cloud based app or system – your HRM, CRM, business intelligence tool, or recruitment app, amongst others.

Experience API (XAPI)

One part of our API capability is the Experience API (XAPI). Integrating your mobile learning platform with the XAPI standard means you can draw on richer data from across your business, building a clearer picture of learning activity and helping you to make better decisions and deliver better, more relevant, learning experiences.

Zapier Integration

We also use Zapier integrations which are so simple, you’ll wonder why you didn’t do it sooner. Now you can create smart workflows that not only save time and resources for your business, but can also form the basis of potential new products and services for your customers. 

Zapier connects your cloud-based business and productivity apps to your mobile learning system. It’s a powerful combination and you don’t need to be a developer to action this integration.

Using Zapier you can integrate Motimate with all your
favourite tools & platforms

What else can Motimate do?

Learning made fun & easy

Supercharge learning programs with dynamic content people will love. With Motimate even humdrum topics can become fun and engaging.

Onboard, train and retrain

Help new employees hit the ground running. Train your brightest talents. Cultivate an inclusive culture of knowledge sharing and continuous learning.

Anytime, anywhere access

Put learners in control. Deliver engaging content directly to your people on their mobile devices, wherever they are and whenever they need it.

Track progress and performance

Motimate’s handy reporting dashboard makes it easy to keep track of learner progress, performance and engagement.

Create engaging learning content

A one-stop-shop for all your content production and storytelling needs, Motimate Creative Studio helps you create a visually engaging user experience.


Studies show that adult learners can only concentrate between 10-20 MINUTES at a time.

What are you waiting for?

Get Motimate. Get creating. Get sharing.

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Get Motimate. Get creating. Get sharing.

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