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The adventure is only just beginning

Motimate is the brain-child of founders, Rolf Risnes and Lars-Petter Windelstad Kjos. It is the sum total of their years of experience helping some of Scandinavia’s largest companies make learning fun and engaging for their employees.

Early innovations

January 2013

In 2013, they worked with REMA1000, one of Scandinavia’s leading supermarket chains, employing more than 12,000 people across 1,000 stores in Norway & Denmark. 

A big retail chain with a young workforce and high staff turnover, REMA1000 needed to help new employees familiarise themselves with the brand as quickly as possible. 

They created an award-winning mobile optimized solution (the “#KLHD Training portal”) to meet REMA1000’s needs, helping it to maintain market position and improve outcomes.

The word spread

October 2013

Rolf and Lars-Petter went on to create the Campaign Ready feature for Gsport/Intersport, one of Europe’s largest sport retail chains who wanted a similar solution. The feature helped employees forecast customer needs, locate the right products in-store and pin-point relevant upsells. Campaign Ready drove a 62% increase in sales on upsell products and a 154% increase on recommended products.

Motimate is a dynamic company and I’m faced with new challenges everyday. No two days are the same.

Katti Margrethe Lundesgaard

Customer Relation Manager, Motimate

Getting into fashion

January 2017

In 2017,  they developed MyChain, a mobile app for iOS and Android to meet the needs of Varner Group, one of Europe’s leading fashion houses. The group wanted to strengthen their internal business culture, increase sales, train their staff and simplify everyday work life. With more than 10,000 users, across 10 of Europe’s largest fashion brands. MyChain is now used on a daily basis by 90% of its users. 

The launch and evolution of Motimate

August 2017

After more than 10 years of testing, developing, improving and learning they reached the conclusion that every organization they met with was struggling with the same daily challenges. 

So, in 2017 the founders of Hyper, one of Norway’s most successful digital agencies, launched Motimate. A team of 30 individuals of 7 different nationalities, operating across multiple verticals including retail, transport, travel, childcare, sales and more.

Motimate represents the essence of Scandinavian workplace culture – where each and everyone feels at home

Michael Konczak

Frontend Developer, Motimate

Where we are now

January 2021

Our award winning mobile learning app is used by more than 200 brands and has 120,000 unique users across 35 countries completing 3,500 courses every single day. 

We work with companies like DNB, Varner, REMA 1000, Narvesen, Jernia, Telia, AF Gruppen, BI and Atea, to name a few, and have now expanded into the international market, working with Yuicery in Germany and Avocado Show in the Netherlands. 

Today we are a team of 40 experts spread across 8 countries and we are still passionate about innovating the world of learning and knowledge sharing.

Motimate and Kahoot!

7th April 2021

In April 2021, Motimate was acquired by Kahoot!, the world’s leading game-based learning platform. On its mission to make learning awesome, Kahoot! empowers millions of students, teachers, company employees and families to unlock their full learning potential through engaging games. We’re excited to become part of the Kahoot! Group and its family of learning apps used by millions of people around the world, and look forward to finding new ways to make learning even more fun, easy and rewarding in the workplace!

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