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Learning everyone can access. Wherever they are. Whenever they like

Learning at everyone’s fingertips – on mobile!

People sure do love their mobiles. Which is why we made Motimate mobile-first. So your people can get their learning content on the one thing they always have with them – anytime, anywhere.

Everyone loves being in control

90% of users access Motimate on mobile. So they can learn whenever works for them – not just when they’re in the office or a training room. More control for learners equals quicker, easier learning.

Real-time and just-in-time

Being mobile-first also means learners can access Motimate whilst working or just before they complete a task. This way the training is immediately applicable, more memorable and easier to retain.

What else can Motimate do?

Learning made fun & easy

Supercharge learning programs with dynamic content people will love. With Motimate even humdrum topics can become fun and engaging.

Onboard, train & retain

Help new employees hit the ground running. Train your brightest talents. Cultivate an inclusive culture of knowledge sharing and continuous learning.

Track progress and performance

Motimate’s handy reporting dashboard makes it easy to keep track of learner progress, performance and engagement.

Integration made fast
and simple

Our open APIs make it really easy to integrate Motimate with your business systems and apps, so you can plug in and get going straight away.

Create engaging learning content

A one-stop-shop for all your content production and storytelling needs, Motimate Creative Studio helps you create a visually engaging user experience.


Did you know that our brains LEARN BEST just after we have woken up?

What are you waiting for?

Get Motimate. Get creating. Get sharing.

Download our fantastic app, available on iOS and Android


Dive right in!

Get Motimate. Get creating. Get sharing.

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