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  • At Motimate, we want our mobile learning app to be a force for good.
  • With our NGO and charity exclusive you get the first 3 months FREE and 50% off your licence fee forever!
  • Our app makes it simple to reach a distributed, mobile workforce, whether in the office, at home or on-the-go.
  • Create and deliver engaging learning content and send it directly to everyone’s mobile so they can access it wherever they are, whenever they need it.
  • Whether they’re new to the organization, working on a fresh project or towards a new role, Motimate makes it easy for everyone to access the knowledge and training they need.

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With Motimate you can get your first 3 months FREE and 50% off your licence fee forever!

The offer applies to NGOs, not-for-profit organizations and charities. There’s no time limit on this offer. You’re always welcome. 

Deliver fast, flexible, fun onboarding and training to your employees and volunteers

Using video, podcasts, quizzes and games, Motimate makes it fun and easy to create amazing learning content that people value and remember. Take look at our product video to see how it works.

Empower your people to deliver targeted, engaging learning resources

Now your stakeholders can take control, making content accessible and relevant. Using our mobile-first app, they can create and deploy engaging content themselves, reaching people at home or in the field.

Transform your fundraisers, volunteers and members into true ambassadors

Engage fundraisers, volunteers and members with fun, on-message content they can learn from or use to make their own campaigns shine – helping everyone reach a wider audience.


Did you know that productivity INCREASES by 43% when using a mobile device as opposed to classroom training?

With Motimate we can train our volunteers regardless of busy schedules and current Covid-19 restrictions. It also allows volunteers to complete training wherever and whenever it suits them. We are very excited about developing easily-accessed, targeted digital training for our amazing volunteers.

Sarah Wiese Afeef

Senior Advisor of Organisational Development, Save The Children Norway

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To sign up now or find out more about this offer, get in touch with us now. 

Download our fantastic app, available on iOS and Android


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