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Promoting employee growth is at the heart of every successful organization. Motimate gives you all the tools you need to make L&D easier – and more effective – than ever! 

  • Motimate makes it easy for anyone in your organization to upskill, reskill and gain knowledge
  • It’s simple to create courses (or Motis) that are completely tailored to the knowledge you want to share and even to specific individuals
  • Developing employee skills helps future-proof your organization in our uber-competitive, knowledge-based economy

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The easy way to keep everyone up to speed and on the same page 

The purpose of L&D is to keep your peoples’ skills and performance in line with the goals and requirements of your organization. Motimate makes this easier because Motimate is easier for learners. 

Learning made fun, easy and accessible

Motimate uses strategies from gaming to make learning fun to do and keep learners coming back for more. 

Teach anything. Learn anything.

With Motimate it’s super easy to create courses (we call them Motis) to help people learn almost anything! 

Learning without boundaries

Because Motimate is mobile-first, learners can complete their tasks whenever they like, wherever they are, massively boosting compliance.

Improve your game!

Motimate helps you keep all of your training resources in one place. It’s a great way for employees to share their experience and knowledge, as well as for managers to share training material. Anyone can create and share Motis, no training needed – so, you can retain that tacit knowledge. If your staff need to learn fast, on-the-go and sometimes in real-time, there’s no better solution.

See how TusenFryd used Motimate to train 750 seasonal mobile workers in just 4 weeks!

Motimate is easy to use for both employees who are to carry out the training and for those who are producing training courses, but perhaps the most important improvement is that we can now reach out to all our employees in a quick and easy way.

Gerd Tove Myrbekk

HR Manager for Sales & Store Operations at Varner


Studies show that virtual training takes 40-60% LESS TIME to complete than face-to-face training

What are you waiting for?

Get Motimate. Get creating. Get sharing.

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