What we already know about mobile learning

Everyone has a mobile phone and we have it on us pretty much all of the time. As the world and business practices evolve, flexibility is increasingly important to the majority of employers and workers.

Add to this the impact of globalisation, workforces spread across multiple locations, online shopping and unforeseen events such as pandemics, and the case for flexible, anytime, anywhere training makes itself.

We know that mobile based training is more accessible, more engaging and more fun. But it’s so much more. It means you can onboard, upskill, communicate with and engage employees at a rate never before possible.

Mobile learning harnesses the power of social networks and technologies, facilitating communication and collaboration.

So, as well as facilitating fast onboarding and continuous learning, mobile learning is a great tool for engaging employees and, it seems, for improving business outcomes. But why is it so effective?

Learning + Recognition = Engaged Employees & High Retention Rates

Empowering managers to quickly and easily create training courses themselves, and employees to learn according to their own schedules, makes them feel valued and trusted.

Recognition is also an essential component in engaging and retaining employees. According to a recent survey of 1,154 people by leading employee recognition company, Achievers, lack of employee recognition is the third most common reason employees leave their jobs.

A Harvard Business Review study of more than 550 executives from 12 best-practice company leaders, reveals that 72% of respondents rank recognition for high performers as having a significant impact on employee engagement.

The powerful combination of learning and recognition results in employees that feel valued and respected, who buy-in to company mission and want to remain in their jobs.

Whether recognition is based on a social or monetary/points driven system and comes from management or peers, it matters.

Recognition for learning achievements is not just applause, it’s about creating culture; it’s feedback and incentivisation – rewarding an employee for reaching a milestone and setting a standard for others to emulate and improve on. To be effective, it needs to happen consistently and often.

Good behaviours get rewarded and, therefore, repeated, and the results are measurable.

Learning + Recognition = Increased Productivity & Business Success

So, a flexible learning platform is a necessary tool for a successful business, but a recognition platform is just as important. Having only one side of the coin buys you less than half as much.

According to McKinsey, culture is vital to organizational success, with higher-performing cultures creating 3 times the return to shareholders.

The Harvard Business Review study tells us that 71% of respondents rank employee engagement as very important to achieving organizational success.

Recognised employees are more engaged and more productive. Happy employees lead to happier customers, which leads to better business success.

At Motimate, we know this is true because we’ve seen it first-hand in our work with several companies, including Norwegian supermarket chain REMA 1000, whose mobile learning programme has led to tangible results that have resulted in it gaining greater market share. You can explore the case study here if you like.

Find Out How Mobile Learning & Recognition Can Benefit Your Business

Motimate is partnering with Achievers. We’ll be working together to deliver the simplest, most easy-to-use and fun integrated mobile learning and employee recognition system available.

To find out more about how learning and recognition can benefit your business, view our on-demand webinar How to Supercharge Remote Learning through Recognition. Click here to access the webinar.

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