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How a Scandinavian grocery chain used Motimate to manage its response to Covid-19

REMA1000 is one of Scandinavia’s leading grocery chains, employing 12,000 people across 660 store locations across Norway and Denmark.

On 12 March 2020, as part of the national response to COVID-19, Norway went into lockdown. In a matter of hours, the supermarket shelves nationwide were nearly empty. REMA 1000 had crises management plans in place for nearly every possible situation but had not anticipated such fast escalation.


660 store locations across Norway


12,000 dedicated employees

Discover how REMA 1000 used Motimate for their crisis management during COVID-19

In this video, Tore Høylie, Chief Human Resource Officer at REMA 1000, shares insights into how we helped the grocery chain provide safe shopper experiences during Covid-19. He also explains how extensive training during the crisis resulted in reduced sick rates, significant increases in sales and an increase in their market share.

The challenge

As a large company providing critical functions to society, they applied their emergency plan, restocking their stores in only one night and narrowly avoiding mass chaos. The company´s main focus was to secure their people and the supply of goods to their stores. Frequent and clear communication was essential at this stage of the process.

The solution

The pandemic situation was constantly evolving and REMA1000 needed the flexibility to adapt to the evolving situation. They decided that they needed one place where all employees could access up to date information at all times. The grocery chain relied on Motimate as a means of communicating changes in regulations and new guidelines, sometimes daily.

Throughout the crisis REMA 1000 communicated heavily throughout their value chain, using their mobile training system to share videos and texts.

The results

By incorporating mobile learning into its daily operations REMA 1000 has listened to and met the needs of its mobile workforce, engaging 12,000 users across 660 store locations, and significantly improving organizational performance.

“What really strengthened our company’s ability to take care of each other and our customers was our online training system. In fact, after completing our training program you would be capable of operating one of our stores!”
Tore Høylie, CHRO at REMA 1000

REMA 1000 has committed to continuing to provide updated mobile training to their employees. Today they use Motimate to communicate information to employees on new products and current campaigns, significantly increasing sales and improving shopper experience.

People are a company’s most valuable asset. With Motimate, providing extensive training can not only be fun, but also profitable for the company and the employees. Our training system has helped us achieve just that and was one of the main reasons that we handled the crisis so well.

Tore Høylie

CHRO at REMA 1000

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