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How Jernia used Motimate to engage employees, embed a culture of learning and drive competitive advantage

With 140 locations across Norway, Jernia is the country’s most prominent hardware store chain. The brand also has a strong online presence and a strong focus on customer service.


130 physical stores


2,000 employees

The challenge

Jernia needed a tool to enhance communication and deliver training across its dispersed network of stores. They wanted a tool that made it really easy to regularly share information and also to train staff. They didn’t just want any tool. They were looking for exactly the right tool.

The solution

What distinguished Motimate for them was its user friendliness and its contemporary interface and functionality. 

HR and Communications Director, Per Henriksen Dingsør, tells us that at Jernia, staff use Motimate every day. Regional leaders use it as a communication tool to reach out to all their store managers, and store managers can share information with their teams. Motimate’s Campaign Ready functionality is used to support every in-store sales campaign. 

They regularly share information on J-Wall, and the regions share inspiring images when stores have been made ready for campaigns. They use Motimate to train their staff and they try to create two product courses each week with input from their suppliers and partners.

The results

Jernia has seen an uptake of between 70% – 75% weekly usage among all employees, from the CEO to part-time staff. Motimate has replaced and strengthened internal, word-of-mouth communication, facilitating consistent execution of tasks and objectives across all stores. Staff are sharing more information internally than ever before, strengthening their proposition and reinforcing competitive advantage.  

Motimate has also helped drive brand buy-in and facilitate consistently on-brand customer interactions. They have found that it has also helped build expertise, embed culture and increase tolerance across regions and silos.

Motimate is an intuitive and fun solution that makes information sharing and training more fun than “old-fashioned” e-learning.

Per Henriksen Dingsør

HR and Communications Director at Jernia

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