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TusenFryd’s staff members complete a total of 8,000 training courses in 6 weeks

TusenFryd is Norway’s largest theme park, with 450,000 visitors a season. The park has 35 permanent staff and employs up to 750 seasonal workers in peak periods.


35 permanent staff


750 seasonal workers in peak periods


8,000 course completions in 6 weeks

How TusenFryd managed to get their seasonal staff trained and ready to go in record time

In this video Silje Myrseth, HR Manager at TusenFryd, explains more about their successful onboarding program and how TusenFryd managed to get their seasonal staff trained and ready to go in record time.

The challenge

Most of the seasonal workers that TusenFryd employs are young, with little or no work experience. In 2020, the uncertainty created by Coronavirus as to whether the theme park would open at all, resulted in the Tusenfryd team having to train their new recruits and open the park in just 6 weeks. Extensive new hygiene and safety measures had to be put in place to protect guests and employees, before the park reopened in mid-May, adding to the existing training load.

The solution

Prior to implementing Motimate, TusenFryd had no online training solution. They needed a solution that could be implemented and scaled up quickly and easily. Within hours of implementation, 30 members of the TusenFryd team were creating Motis (training modules), with no training needed. New recruits were able to access all of the information that they needed in one place, comparing its ease of use to “social media, but more formal”.

The results

Motimate was extremely well-received by the seasonal workforce. Over the 6-week period, members of staff created and completed a total of 8,000 Motis. When the theme park reopened in May, all seasonal staff members were trained and ready-to-go.

One of the key success factors is how much we use the app. Motimate is a really fun and easy way to train your staff. [Staff] love the fact that they can find all of the training in one place.

Silje Myrseth

HR Manager at TusenFryd

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