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How Staples developed a culture of learning, inclusion, and transparency

Staples Solutions is a leading muti-channel European supplier of equipment, accessories and solutions that make work easier. The company has bricks and mortar stores, and an e-commerce based wholesale and direct to consumer offering.

The challenge

It’s a competitive industry and Staples knows that, if it is to succeed, it needs to be an organization that knows how to listen and learn. Initially, the team were looking for a practical tool to simplify communications between its head office and stores. They soon realised they also needed a digital learning platform. With a geographically dispersed workforce, they were looking for a solution that is easy to use and requires minimal training and support to implement and roll out.  It was also important to the staples team that they have a good relationship and open dialogue with their provider.

The solution

Staples began by using Motimate as an in-store communication platform and it worked so well that they have now rolled it out across all channels, using it for day-to-day communications, information exchange, onboarding new starters, and training employees.

The results

For Staples, Motimate has greatly improved internal communications and facilitated greater inclusion and a sense of community. As soon as someone joins the organization, they can start getting to know the company and the people who work there. Motimate has also enabled greater transparency across the organization, with people sharing the good and the not so good so that successes can be celebrated and things that need attention can be addressed.

Motimate has a low learning threshold which makes it incredibly inclusive and easy to use. When someone starts working with us, they are immediately invited to Motimate and get to know the company from the outset.

Tone Haugen-Flermoe

Communications and Marketing Manager at Staples Norway

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