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How Holdbart implemented seamless communications training capability

Holdbart is a fledgling Norwegian grocery store and supermarket chain. As part of its operation, Holdbart retails discounted groceries on its website, that would otherwise be thrown away. Every year, Norwegians throw away 217,480 tons of food, a total of 42.1kg per person, according to food waste awareness organization, Matvett. Importers, manufacturers and wholesalers throw away or destroy 77,471 tons of products every single year.

These goods can now be sold through instead of being destroyed. This is good for the environment, suppliers and the customers’ wallet. At Motimate, we are proud to play a small part in reducing food waste in Norway, and in this way contributing to reducing greenhouse gas emissions.


8 stores accross Norway


200 dedicated employees

The challenge

Holdbart wanted to streamline communications between different parts of the organization and also needed a tool to help them deliver and assure the quality of training for employees.

The solution

Holdbart rolled Motimate out as its training platform across the whole organization, delivering essential training on internal controls, food safety and HSE. The fact that it is so easy to set up new employees on the system and get them going on training was also a huge plus.

The results

Now head office can share information and news with store managers and employees and update them on new product information whenever they need to. Motimate also lets store employees publish photographs and share ideas on good practice, using integrated social sharing capability, Motimate Pulse.

Motimate is a great replacement for boring, heavy guides and manuals. Because it is mobile-based, everyone is connected and can access training information whenever they need to.

Stine Beathe Dalseg


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