Motimate has a connection in Zapier that let’s you create fun small integrations between other aweome cloud services.

You don’t have to be a developer to connect cloud services. A simple interface and secure storage of passwords lets you create fun and innovative combinations.

Here are some ideas on what you can do when combining your Moties to other services.

  • Send users a dimploma to users that completes a moti with G-Suite
  • Create a self signup form for you Moti org with Squarespace
  • Create a webshop and sell access to your Moties with Shopify
  • Announce to team members when a training is complete with Slack.
  • Setup calender events for new registered users with Office 365
  • Create a survey on your members to put them in the right groups with Google Forms.
  • Add new video followers to Moti groups with Twitch
  • Share your moties with email subscribers with Mailchimp

Ready to try it out?

We want to help you with connecting Motimate. To unlock this feature in you org, please contact

You will need a client id and secret that Zapier use to automate Motimate actions that support will generate for you.

Register on zapier and search for the Motimate beta app.

Choose the an action event that fits your use case.

Next step is to fill inn information about the org admin account that Zapier will use to login to Motimate. Remember to also insert your org name.

Test the connection and you are good to go!

Good luck with finding new and cool ways of using Motimat

If you have any queston, please contact