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Spring Release ‘23.

The sun rising early, lambs, fresh flowers are sprouting. For everyone else, spring is about new beginnings. For us? It’s about new features. And we’ve got lots to share in our latest update. So let’s get to it. 

Spring has well and truly sprung in the Motimate offices

This is just to say…

For the forgetful learners, or perhaps those who just need a little extra encouragement, it’s now possible to send out reminders directly from Studio.

Whether it’s an email nudge on a new Package or a push notification for a Learning Path that’s fallen off track, Org Admins and Chief Editors can keep learners on their toes.

Pick your reminder type, draft up your message, schedule a time and hit send. Simples.

Everything in its right place

Clutter clearers rejoice: we’ve upgraded your organisational capabilities.

You can now move your Motis, Packages, and Learning Paths around and group them all tidily in folders to fit your workflow.

In a galaxy far, far away…

Knowledge is quite literally power in this epic new quiz format: take control of your spaceship and knock the invading quiz answers into outer space TKTK.

Earn points for every correct answer, lose a life for each one you get wrong — and clock up bonuses by ricocheting shots off the walls.

Ready for lift-off?

Annotation station

A picture is worth a thousand words, but that doesn’t mean that sometimes a few more words won’t help. For those moments, we have Hotspots.

With this update you can annotate your content with extra information, highlight specific details, and bring your blocks to life in a brand new way.

One team, one dream, one… user interface

We’ve updated Studio access to allow Editors of all shapes, sizes, roles, and responsibilities to work with the same set of tools.

It means everyone with access will be able to edit Motis using Studio, for a slick, straightforward Moti creation process.

(Don’t worry, this won’t rock the chain of command: all your previous stages of approval will stay the same.)

Bures! Hallo!

That’s right, we’ve added support for Northern Sami, and on top of that MotiSpace Settings is now available in German (in the MotiSpace Settings section).

So what are you waiting for? Get creating! Ollu lihkku!

The ABC of DEI

Our Super Courses are specialist, off-the-shelf training programmes that are designed in partnership with experts and are accessible to all.

The latest addition, created alongside the diversity, equity and inclusion pros at Equality Check, is shaped to steer you and your organisation through the areas critical to DEI success.

And while this Super Course comes pre-prepared and ready to go, there are customisable options galore to discover too.

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