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Identify, understand and act on workplace equality

Equality gaps in the workplace can range from the obvious to the obscure but the impact and importance is indisputable. Our courses equip your people with the tools to identify and change behavior that can result in improving performance, innovation and retention.

Drive new dynamics & performance with Motimate.

In conjunction with Equality Check, Norway’s leading diversity, equity & inclusion organisation, we have created a series of courses that enable your people with the know-how, awareness and tools to reduce the harmful impacts of unconscious bias, drive cultural changes and more. Using engaging content and the latest gamification techniques, these interactive courses are vastly more successful than traditional training methods.

But wait, there’s more!

There is an exciting roadmap of additional DEI courses that will be created and available to subscribers without incurring an additional charge.

With the addition of customisation, you will have the unique opportunity to adapt Motimate to your organisation’s specific brand for your user experience.

  • Include your own logo
  • Add your brand colour
  • Your own customised Login page
  • In-depth reporting to track user progress

Pricing table

UsersAnnual recurring costAnnual Customisation Fee (optional)
1 – 205,000 kr5,000 kr
21 – 5010,000 kr5,000 kr
51 – 10020,000 kr5,000 kr
101 – 30035,000 kr5,000 kr
301 – 50050,000 kr5,000 kr
501 – 1,00075,000 kr5,000 kr
1,001 – 5,00095,000 kr5,000 kr
10,001 – 20,000120,000 kr5,000 kr
20,001 – 30,000150,000 kr5,000 kr

For full terms and conditions visit here.

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