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Are you vulnerable to attack?

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Cyber criminals, specialising in online campaigns like phishing, malware injections and ransomware are constantly looking for fresh prey. Avoid becoming their next victim by building a knowledge firewall and properly training your team so that they can recognise hostile behaviour before it turns into a major problem.

Get one step ahead with

In conjunction with NorSIS, Norway’s official cyber security organisation, we have designed a short series of courses that arm teams with knowledge and know-how to beat off malicious forces. Using engaging content and the latest gamification techniques, these interactive courses are vastly more successful than traditional training methods.

But wait, there’s more!

Any new cyber security courses created in the future will be available to subscribers without incurring an additional charge.

With the addition of customisation, you will have the unique opportunity to adapt Motimate to your organisation’s specific brand for your user experience.

  • Include your own logo
  • Add your brand colour
  • Your own Customised Login Page

Pricing table

UsersAnnual recurring cost
Up to 20€1,000
21 – 50€1,500
51 – 100€2,500
101 – 300€3,500
301 – 500€4,500
501 – 1,000€6,000
1,001 – 5,000€8,500
5,001 – 10,000€9,900
10,001 – 20,000€15,000
20,001 – 30,000€19,000

For full terms and conditions visit here.

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