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How DNB used Motimate to build new competencies and stay ahead of the curve

DNB is Norway’s largest financial services group with one of the largest market presences in the Nordic region. Founded it 1822, it currently has more than 10,000 employees


10,000+ employees accross Norway


Created a total of 600 digital courses


Collectively completed over 1 million courses

The challenge

The digital revolution has precipitated major restructuring in the financial sector and banking services. DNB needs to adapt to changing market conditions and equip its organization with new competencies if it is to stay ahead of the curve.

The solution

DNB chose Motimate for four reasons.

  • An intuitive user interface – Motimate’s user interface is simple and intuitive, making it very accessible. It’s incredibly easy for employees to quickly see which training modules are mandatory or recommended. It also makes it easy for them to access additional training resources whenever they want.
  • Makes personalizing learning easy – It makes personalizing content straight forward by allowing you to adapt learning content for specific user groups, keeping it on point and relevant.
  • Simplifies content creation and dissemination – Anyone can create learning content and courses with Motimate, whether staff or consultant which helps to keep the learning relevant to DNB’s specific aims. People from all over the organization can share their expertise with each other and they can upload and make it live to everyone in record speed.
  • Reports with ease and clarity – Motimate’s reporting function is clear and simple to use. Managers can quickly gain oversight of user progress and performance, rewarding learners should they choose and targeting user groups with additional learning.

The results

Since 2018, DNB has created a total of 600 digital courses used by more than 8,000 of their employees who have collectively completed over 1 million courses. That’s a lot of learning.

“All of our digital training is made available and disseminated using Motimate. Here, all employees can see new content as it is published, accessing everything from tools, assignments, values and guidelines, to formal, role specific training.”

Siri Langangen, Vice President for Learning & Development

Motimate has a very intuitive and appealing interface. It is constantly evolving with new functionality being added all of the time to give us ever improving user experiences. Motimate really is in a class of its own.

Siri Langangen

Siri Langangen, SVP Learning & Development at DNB

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