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How Norway’s coolest burger chain achieved consistent knowledge transfer across multiple locations.

With five restaurants in three Norwegian cities, Døgnvill Burger is considered by many as having the best burgers in the country. They even serve the Royal with Cheese!

The challenge

With restaurants in three different cities, making sure everyone has access to the same knowledge and information was often challenging. Døgnvill was looking for a way to systematize training and information transfer internally. They spent some time trying to come up with their own solution before looking to see what was available in the retail sector that might meet their needs.

The solution

After exploring a number of offerings, Døgnvill discovered and chose Motimate because, unlike its competitors, it had all the most important features they were looking for. Also, in its favour was the fact that Motimate is constantly developing new functionality, so they knew that their needs would be listened to and met where possible.

The results

Now, everyone has access to knowledge and training wherever they are and wherever they work. Content and delivery are consistent and the tacit knowledge that previously imparted by employees on an adhoc basis, is now available to everyone.

We use Motimate for all our daily training and to disseminate information on products, internal controls and policies. For us, one of the biggest advantages is that Motimate is always evolving and improving with and for us.

Dan Aasen

Operations Manager at Døgnvill

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