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Summer Release’21

Woohoo! It’s summertime and our product update is filled with cool new features. We launch the new vibrant feature in storyboard, embedding a Kahoot!, creating repeatable sections with blocks, and five new languages!

Check out what’s new in Motimate and make sure you’re caught up with all the neat changes.

Explore what’s new from Motimate this summer!

Quiz 2.0 is here!

We are so excited to show you the new and beautiful quiz. A complete remake with a full screen user experience. Use images, GIFs or even design your own visuals with our powerful designer

And there is more. You know the multiple select? Well, now we have added two more question types: sorting order and matching pairs. Now you can make even more engaging learning content for your audience. Check it out now!

Design it. Anywhere.

We have launched new and improved features to the Poster Block in every update since December 2020. That is how much we know you love using the Poster Block – so now we have just unleashed it to all content blocks. This means you now can create compelling designs on every piece of your Moti – using the awesome features of the Poster. 

We just equipped you with a really powerful design tool to create even more fun and engaging Motis. Use it! We love to see all the great content you will make. 

Get the full picture!

Storyboard keeps getting better and better! In addition to our classic and modern skins, here comes vibrant! The vibrant option gives you the ability to have beautiful full-screen images with animated text over them. This means that, for your stories, you have a new and engaging way of showing details of a product, or any object. With vibrant, we’re giving you more possibilities in sharing products and showing details of an image in full-screen.

Easy just got easier for Editors!

Now you can copy and paste any content block. Inside a chapter, between chapters or even between Moties. Also, you can paste from chapter to chapter or from Moti to Moti. You will find the copy icon next to your block in Editor.

We have also made several  minor improvements to make life even more fun and easy for you Editors. See if you can spot them!

Love Kahoot! Let’s play.

There are two ways to embed a Kahoot! in your Moti. The first is to add a normal Kahoot or you can invite your users to play a Kahoot challenge.

Regular Kahoot:
A regular Kahoot which is live and needs to be managed by a Kahoot host.

Kahoot Challenge:
Can be played anywhere and anytime. Question and answer alternatives are displayed on each player’s screen. The Kahoot needs to be completed within a certain deadline by the host. 

Embedding is easy as 1-2-3:

  • Get your regular Kahoot Game numbers and enter in our embed link.
  • Repeat for Kahoot Challenge.
  • Add the Game Pin and enter in our embed link!

Say Hello to five new languages in Motimate

Hi! Or should we say Salut, Szia, Здраво, Ahoj or Привет! We now have implemented five new languages in Motimate. We welcome: 

Romanian 🇷🇴
Hungarian 🇭🇺
Serbian 🇷🇸
Czech 🇨🇿
Russian 🇷🇺

Did you know that we now support 21 languages in Motimate? More to come! Stay tuned.

Check it out. Today.

We have made improvements to the Today screen on the apps. Now you will find your newest posts from Pulse directly on your start screen and you will not miss out on any assigned tasks either. We have also highlighted for you any new assigned Moties and if any Moti is approaching the deadline – keep calm, we will alert you.

Discover more. In BETA.

We have added a new design for categories in Discover. Now you can build beautiful categories using a hero image and even a description text to each category. Navigating in Discover is now a whole new experience. 

Don’t have any images ready? No need to worry. Motimate renders a nice header using your organisational colour and a first letter of the category name. 

Just log into WebAdmin and the goto Training and Categories to add your pictures and texts. 

This new update to Discover is a beta release for all. In the next releases we will also add a new super easy-to-use interface for building your category structure in Discover. Stay tuned. 

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