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Autumn Release’20

Oh man, have we been busy this autumn…but we’ve got lots of exciting news to share with you.

Our latest product release is filled with cool new innovations and features. Make sure you’re all caught up. Here’s what’s new from Motimate this autumn.

See what’s new from Motimate this autumn!

Validate course completions with Learning Activity

Having the ability to validate a learning activity, or to link online learning and physical learning to the same learning path is important. Therefore, we are pleased to introduce Learning Activity, a new content block which makes it possible to track course completions using a QR-code or a 4-digit code.

How do I use Learning Activity?

Well, let’s say you have a Moti focused on cardiac arrest and you want to register that your employees have completed a physical CPR and defibrillation training session. With Learning Activity, this is super easy. All you have to do is to open your Motimate app and scan the QR-code or enter the 4-digit code, and the Moti will be registered as completed. It is also possible for the learners to validate a course completion themselves.

Let’s make it personal

We have launched a new cool feature that allows you to personalize the content in a Moti. All you have to do to customize the content for each user is to choose the relevant variable from the <> menu within the Editor.

For example, you can personalize course content:

Hi John, Here at Motimate we have…

Or, you can personalize the content within the Learning Activity self-register:

I, John Smith, hereby declare that I have read and understood the…

We think this functionality is pretty cool. We hope you like it too.

Add GIFs to wall posts

Make communication in Pulse more engaging by adding GIFs to your wall posts.

Custom coloured quote blocks

You now have the possibility to add custom colors to your quote blocks to make them stand out more. In order to make the editing process a little easier for you, we have included your company colours as a default colour palette.

Adding URLs from external sources

Let us introduce you to ‘External’, a new and magical content block that makes it possible to paste external URLs from any source, including YouTube, Spotify, Vimeo and many more. Motimate will analyze the link and check if it’s supported by our media player.

In cases where the content is not supported by our media player you have the option to upload a visual and Motimate will generate a beautiful link for the user.

WCAG 2.0 Improvements

We have done several improvements to meet the WCAG 2.0 standard. Including:

  • Editor can insert alternative text for images in courses
  • Better support for tab navigation 
  • Better support for screen readers

It’s time to say goodbye to Internet Explorer 11

Motimate has been in a relationship with IE11 for many many years and we’ve had our ups and downs. We have now grown apart and it is time for us to move on. Therefore, we have made the decision to say goodbye to IE11.

As of September 4, 2020 we no longer support, develop or do any testing for IE11.

Sharing is caring

The new feature ‘Share & Copy’, makes it possible for our customers to share existing courses amongst each other. After all, sharing is caring

The Share functionality allows you to share a Moti from one organization to another. The sender owns the Moti and controls the content, as well as any updates that are made in the future. The shared Moti will appear in the receiver’s course list. The Moti can be published and assigned as per usual, but the receiver does not have permission to make any changes to the content. This functionality is useful if you would like to share some of your Moties without losing control of the actual course content.

The Copy functionality can be used if you have created a Moti that would like to send across to another organisation. All you have to do is to select the relevant Moti, choose the organisation you would like to send it to and click ‘copy’. The Moti will be copied over to the new organisation instantly and the receiver can start using your Moti and make changes to the content as they see fit.

To activate the ‘Share & Copy’ feature between accounts, please contact the Motimate Support Team and they will set this up for you:

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