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Summer Release’20

Good things come to those who wait, here’s what’s new in Motimate.

Our summer product release is filled with cool new innovations and features. Make sure you’re all caught up.

See what’s new from Motimate this summer!

Get your game on!

Here at Motimate we strive to make learning fun and easy. What’s more fun than playing games?

We have launched our first out of a series of MiniGames that can be accessed within the Motimate application. The first learning-game available is SpeedQuiz. Here, users in your organisation compete against each other. The faster the players answer, the more points they get if the player answers correctly.

No programming skills required!! The MiniGames have an easy to use game engine which means you as an Editor can easily create your own games.

Search and you will find….

We know many of you have been waiting for this. Finally, the moment has arrived. We have enabled a search functionality in Motimate Pulse, both in the app and web browser. This update allows you to search through previous posts and comments.

Seeing stars?

Can your Moties get any better? We have made users´ star ratings and comments available in the Studio so that editors can easily see the average score on the courses they have created – and read feedback from the users.

Introducing Docs and Contacts for web

We have launched Docs and Contacts for web. You can now easily navigate through documents and contacts in your Motispace.

Security improvements API

We have made security enhancements for machine to machine integration on our API. Security is important and we are continuously improving security cases with best practices.

In our new version of the API, we now support a machine to machine identification. With machine-to-machine (M2M) apps, the system authenticates and authorizes the app rather than a user. This is useful for customers that use Robots and AI to talk with Motimate.

Broader Auth0 support

We continue to develop our support for Auth0 and enhance some use cases related to how long users are logged in. We have added extended support for refresh tokens to keep the security tight, while keeping users logged in for a long time.

Refresh tokens improve the authentication experience significantly. The user has to authenticate only once, through the web login page. Subsequent re-authentication can take place without user interaction, using the Refresh Token. Rotating the Refresh Token reduces the risk of a compromised Refresh Token.

One Motimate

Motimate Training and Motimate Pulse are now united as one single app. This means that the old Motimate Pulse app will be deactivated and the app will be removed from the App Store and Google Play soon.

Don’t panic! We have made the transition super easy for everyone.

If you are already using Motimate Training for iOS, you don’t have to lift a finger as the app will update to the new version automatically. Android users need to download the new Motimate app from Google Play. All you have to do is to download the new app and log in with your existing username and password.

Autoplay videos

Autoplay is a new functionality in Editor where you have the option to enable autoplay on an uploaded video. This means the video will automatically start playing as soon as it appears on the user’s screen for a more dynamic user experience.

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