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Spring Release’20

Listen up! We got news for you. Discover the newest features and improvements in Motimate this spring.

See what’s new from Motimate this spring

There is one thing you should know!

Motimate Training and Pulse have now combined into one powerful app. This changes everything. Greater commitment. Better user experience.

Now you can tailor Motimate to your specific needs. Do you want to combine Training + Task? Sure thing. How about Training + Pulse? Yup no problem. Want to integrate Motimate to Zapier and Microsoft Flow? Let’s do it.

Do I need to update the apps? We made it easy for you. Everyone who already has Motimate Training for iOS doesn’t have to do a thing. The new Motimate is built “under the hood” and will be available immediately upon launch. Android users will need to download the new Motimate app.

Motimate Pulse will eventually be removed from the App Store and Google Play. All users will receive a nice message with a download link. Motimate Training and Motimate Pulse will work in parallel with the new Motimate during a transition period so that everyone will have plenty of time to update.

Share your wisdom. Create a Moti

Welcome to Motimate Studio! We want Motimate to be fun and easy. Not just for our users, but also for all editors. We are proud to present the new Motimate Studio.

Say hello to the Chief Editor

We’ve added the role of Chief Editor in Motimate. A Chief Editor can publish, approve, assign, yes, and simply do everything related to learning – without having access to Organizational Settings (including user data, group structures, and more). This means far fewer need to be Org Admins.

In the new Studio it is also super easy to add a colleague as a co-editor on a particular course. Everyone can now easily access as an editor – meaning more people can create good learning content.

Check our open Docs

We will help you with technical questions and have put together a bunch of recipes we use to help you get started. This is information on how to enable SSO and automatic user import either via CSV, SCIM or API. Motimate also supports standards for exchanging coursework through xAPI.

Take a look at our documentation for descriptions of how to either link course readings to other LMSs or create reports in analysis tools such as PowerBI.

Want to learn more? Check out this page

Connect to Motimate with OpenAPI

For the first time, you can connect Motimate with other services through our new Motimate Open API. Allow Motimate to become a natural extension of your existing user experiences, or connect Motimate to other great cloud services out there. First off are services for creating and maintaining users and groups.

Have you purchased a robot to remove manual tasks? You can now easily connect it to Motimate, to add or remove users. You don’t have to be a developer either to do this. We’ve registered with tools like Zapier and Microsoft Flow that let you connect cloud services no need for coding. For example, if you have completed a survey and want to update your user register from it, you can now do this with a few simple clicks.

Be a Motimate. Share your wisdom

Just imagine what we could do. Together…

With our new Open platform and self sign up Motimate is now open for everyone: Companies, member organisations, schools, sport clubs, influencers, content providers and more.

Want to know how to make sure 16 000 teachers are ready to go back to work at school during Covid-19? Or how the Norwegian Volleyball Federation was able to open beach volley practice all over Norway during the Corona-lock down? Or how the international fashion brand Tom Wood train their store staff, agents and resellers all over the world? The answer – Motimate Open Platform and self sign up.

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