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Christmas Release’20

We are excited to introduce our advent calendar promo..ho..ho..tion. During the festive season we’ll be revealing new and exciting product news that will help you deliver even better moties and improve training outcomes.

It’s all about the Christmas magic!

Let the Christmas Countdown begin! See what’s new from Motimate this Christmas.

Introducing Poster Block

We are pleased to introduce Poster Block, a brand new content block that makes it easy for everyone to produce cool graphics when creating Moties. Now, you can make your message stand out by adding illustrations, images, emoticons, shapes, text and colors to make your message. It’s so much fun … and super easy to use.

New Customized Mobile App Login Screen

New Innovation – We’ve Just Activated Your New Customized Mobile App Login Screen

The new app login screen automatically applies your own corporate color to the background by default.

It may seem like a small innovation on the surface, but personalizing your corporate training is an important part of internal brand building. Embedding it in your organizational culture is proven to have a direct impact on engagement levels.

Now you don’t just have your corporate branding on your motis, but you can make the portal yours from the very first interaction.

Support for Additional Languages

As an International provider, Motimate already supports a range of different langauges. Now, we also support Spanish, Italian, Croatian and Albanian!

Single Sign On (SSO) for G Suite

Motimate supports Single Sign On (SSO) with G Suite. Now, users can sign into Motimate using the same credentials they use in other company corporate systems

Go here to find out how to configure G Suite as an identity provider >

New Font Types and Sizes

The way words are presented can have a profound effect on how they are perceived by the reader, and the fonts add value to your text. But is font choice really all that important? It absolutely is! Fonts provide both a practical and aesthetic function, and the font you choose can have a profound effect on the people reading the words you type. 

That’s why we are introducing 9 new font types to the content blocks. Now, you can also choose from a range of different font sizes when writing your content.

Swap Accounts

Got multiple Motimate accounts? One for work, one for fun? 

Swapping between Moti spaces makes life easier with a centralised login and profile for users with multiple accounts, so you can switch between them without having to sign out of one and into another.

Introducing Learning Paths

Our new Learning Path feature helps online learners pursue their personal learning goals, making a “one-size-fits-all-approach,” to learning a thing of the past.

Now, editors can combine and organize Moties and packages for defined groups and direct group members to complete their learning in the correct order, helping each individual to close their personal knowledge gaps and reach their true potential.

To activate the ‘Learning Path’ feature in your account, please contact the Motimate Support Team and they will set this up for you:

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