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March Release’21

Hooray! We’re March-ing forward with updates. Filled with new features which will make your Motis even more engaging. We introduce new ways for users to sign-up, new GIFs, poster blocks, storyboards and a fancy dashboard!

Make sure you stay caught up on all the neat changes. Check out what’s new from Motimate and spring into action.

Explore what’s included in our latest product release!

Introducing Motimate Sign-up

Have you ever been through the tedious process of having to manually invite users to your MotiSpace? Now you can simplify this process by creating a page where your users can sign up by themselves.

With Motimate Sign-up you can create different types of self registration pages for your users:

  • Open: Users can sign-up and get instant access to your MotiSpace.
  • Approval: Users can sign-up by themselves, and will only get access once you approve it in our fancy new dashboard.
  • Payment: Users can be charged to get access to your MotiSpace.


Choose between the existing classic view or the new modern view. When choosing the modern view you’ll get a nice and smooth full screen view – both on desktop and mobile. You can set the storyboard to auto open and close, or you can let the user click to open or close. You even have the option to set a Storyboard as mandatory.

Introducing Poster Block 2.0

We really love all the great feedback we have received from our customers after we launched the Poster Block. Now we have made it even better with a complete new tool box allowing you to edit in full screen mode. We have added a series of new cool features to the Poster Block:

  • Ability to rotate text blocks as you’d like
  • Better handling of text boxes with ‘drag to fit’
  • Access to lots of new and fun shapes
  • A new gradient tool so you can make your backgrounds look amazing

Add GIFs to a Moti

GIFs rule. Now you can add cool GIFs to your Moties. We love GIFs – they are so much fun! It is definitely a GIF world.

Show/hide a content block

You know that feeling when you are working on a new content block, but you are not quite ready to publish it yet? No worries – you as an Editor can show or hide every content block as you like.

We welcome Turkish

As an International provider, Motimate already supports a range of different languages. Now, we also support Turkish – Merhaba! Hadi başlayalım.

Autoplay for audio content block

For content block that have only audio, we have now added support for automatic play them when you scroll down the page. This is a very useful feature for when you’d want to add voiceover to text content to your Moti.

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