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April Release’21

Yippee! We’ve worked hard, done our best, and hope you like it. Lots of good stuff to create more engaging Motis with Actions, a new Swipe game, and fresh looking and beautiful insights.

Make sure you stay caught up on all the neat changes.

Explore what’s included in our latest product release!

Ready? And Action!

We’ve put a lot of effort into making life easier for our Editors. And with Actions, things are really going to be much easier. Now you can set an action that will alert the user when it’s due to complete a Moti. 

An Action can be set for single users or for a group of users. You can choose between four actions:

  • Individual recurring
  • Individual deadline
  • Group recurring
  • Group deadline

One particular use case is that you can set an Action to be triggered for all new employees. This means that onboarding just got so much easier to handle.

Game on. Swipe it!

Do we love games? Yes or No?

Oh yes we do and therefore we made you another one  😎

SpeedQuiz has been a great success and now we have launched another new game. Check out Swipe it – a knowledge game with only true or false answers. You have to be quick on the draw to get extra bonus points, and if you swipe wrong more than three times it’s game over. Ready for more fun? Everyone loves a good swipe!

Follow your Path

With Learning Paths you can address learning on wider topics or you can let learners unlock levels before advancing. In a Learning Path you can have as many levels you like. Each level consists of Motis and packages.  As an Editor you can choose if your learners need to complete a level in order to unlock the next level in a path. 

Your Learning Path will stand out with a hero image and it will feature its own progress bar. 

Curious? Setting up a Learning Path is done in just a few easy steps. Log into Motimate Studio and check it out.

Say hello to Insights

We are so happy to introduce Insights – our new tool for all your stats, numbers and reports. First up is our box fresh “Group Admin Report”. It is a beautiful visual report where you, as a Group Admin, can have a quick overview of your whole team or individual team members. You can see details of completion dates, scores and even deadlines and recurring Motis. Of course, you can also get stats on every Moti a learner has completed in Discover.

Want all this extra functionality on your mobile too? No problem! You’ll find it under the menu in the Motimate app – just tap ‘Insight’. 📲

Design it. Style it. Create it.

We can’t help ourselves! We’ve made some really nice improvements to the Poster Block since it was unveiled in our December release. 

Add opacity to an object to create really cool visual effects.

Arrow key navigation
Now you can move an object just by using the arrow keys. This gives you full control on positioning an object. 

Absolute positioning
Just click on an object to be able to define its numerical X-Y positions.

Set dimension
You can also set the height and width of an object. This is super relevant if you want to control the exact placement of objects on several different poster blocks.

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