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How online marketplace,, used Motimate to develop its managers and create a valuable learning resource.

Online marketplace is among Norway’s best-known brands and one that many Norwegians have a close relationship with. The platform enables individuals and businesses to advertise and sell items and services. Established in 2000, in 2020 employed 400 people.


400 dedicated employees


3.5 millinon website users per week

5 +

More than 5 mill listings posted each year

The challenge

The team at were looking for a solution to support and enable their leadership development programme, creating a knowledge resource for on-going reference.

The solution

Motimate was an attractive solution because of its appealing user interface and its accessibility and ease of use for system admins and employees. found the Motimate team easy to work with, valued their focus on continuous product improvement, and loved having the opportunity to support a Norwegian tech start-up.

“For us there is one very big advantage to Motimate – its ease of use!”

Sarah Gordon, People Operations Manager,

The results

Used as a tool to support employees participating in its management development program, Motimate makes it possible to share pre-course information and allocate tasks to be completed between meet ups. also uses the content in Motimate as a reference tool for managers, post course completion. Because of its success, is now working on using Motimate to roll out their employee onboarding program.

Using Motimate, we can make information easily available to new employees who have signed contracts but have not yet started the job. New employees usually have a lot of questions and with Motimate we can make best use of this window to get them up-to-speed before they start.

Sarah Gordon

People Operations Manager at

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