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Summer Release ’22.

Summer’s in full swing, and Motimate has gotten even better, so let’s get to it. From diplomas to new video options and a full refurb of the MotiSpace Settings, here’s everything to know about our latest product update…

New features! Here’s what’s new for you this summer.

Say hello/hej/hallo/hola to new MotiSpace Settings

We’ve added a whole bunch of improvements and new features to MotiSpace Settings to give you more control over onboarding, updating, and managing your organisation.

  • Draft and distribute SMS and email invites and reminders, with the option to personalise messages for each recipient and translate to local languages;
  • Get to grips with user management: onboard new users more easily, remove old ones, send reminders in batches, and use filters to get a clearer picture of what’s what and who’s who;
  • Control which features are available to users with the flick of a (virtual) switch;
  • Split groups into tiers and stay on top of membership and activity with greater ease and accuracy;
  • The same goes for positions: get granular with your org structure, roles, responsibilities and training programmes;
  • Customise your playlists to suit your needs, and add translations too;
  • Add multi-factor authentication for admins and users to secure your cyber defences;
  • Give your MotiSpace a makeover, with new logo and brand colour options;
  • Spruce up your sidebar menu with custom images or auto-generated favicons.

Got all that? Well, there’s more.

Set Pulses racing

GIFs and pictures can tell a story all by themselves.

But using rich text effects to add a little emphasis to your Pulse posts here and there? Now you’re talking.

Make the most of it with the Summer update.

Your Active Directory is now an automated Active Directory

Simple as that really.

We’ve improved SCIM across Motimate, adding support for Azure – so updates made directly to your Active Directory will show up in Motimate too.

We’ve made it easier to switch between multiple Motimate accounts from the Settings menu, and view which accounts are logged in too.

Video lessons

Motimate now supports Kaltura integration, allowing you to provide native educational video content directly from your MotiSpace to the tools your users depend on.

In short, it means that enriching your everyday Motimate experience with video just got a whole lot easier.

Emails you enjoy receiving

Emails just got a personal lick of paint, with better brand and layout options.

The sort of thing that brightens your inbox just by being there.

A diploma for everyone coming soon

It’s (almost) time to reward your users with diplomas when they complete courses!

Not only do they show hard-work and look fantastic in the app, they can also be downloaded to be used outside of the app.

You deserve to show it off, you smashed it. 😉

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