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Spring Release ’22.

We’ve been busy this Spring, getting lots of awesome new features ready to share with you! Here’s how these new updates will make things quicker, easier and more fun for you and your learners.

Find Out What’s New from Motimate this Spring!

Enjoy Improved Navigation on Group Admin Reports

Our group admin report feature has become very popular amongst our user base so we’ve made it even better by improving navigation on progress insights for Learning Paths and Packages.

Embed Jot Forms Directly into Your Motis

Jotforms is now supported within Motimate so now you can now host surveys or forms inside a moti without having to send users to an external site to complete them.

Get Interactive with Our Hotspot Quiz

With this new visual quiz, users point to corresponding areas of images to answer questions. It’s a great way to engage your audience by adding more interactivity into your motis.

Access Single Sign-On with BankID

Our new partnership with Signicat makes it easy for you to log in quickly, easily and  securely to Motimate using your Nordic National Bank ID.

Engage Learners with Our New Fill in the Blanks Feature

This new feature gets learners filling in the blanks to complete the quiz. We’ve even programmed the feature to recognize common spelling mistakes, variations and abbreviations so no need to worry about mistakes and typos!

Find Your Motis Fast with New Site Search Functionality

Now you can quickly find the most relevant motis in your Learning Path or Learning Package with our new easy-to-use search bar.

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