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Christmas Release ’21.

‘Tis the season…for some shiny new product updates. This Christmas, we’ve got a whole host of new reporting options, thousands of beautiful new images to use, and much more. 

Read on for the full download.

We’ve been busy this winter. Here’s everything that’s new – for you!

Introducing: Custom Reports 2.0

Producing advanced reports just got so much easier. The new Excel Report Generator is packed with features to make reporting slicker, quicker, and smarter. 

From improved selection tools to instant template duplication, here’s what you can expect from this exciting new update:

  • Clear step-by-step guides to producing advanced new reports
  • Save and easily reuse report templates with a single click
  • Select multiple report elements in a single operation
  • Instant overview of user completion rates
  • Loads more rows in Excel

Jump in to Unsplash

You can now make the most of the huge selection of stunning, free-to-use, high-resolution images at Unsplash in your Motis.

Add striking photography to any content blocks where image uploads are available, or jazz up your poster blocks with a beautiful background.

All new email layouts

We’ve given user invitations a facelift. 

Our winter update includes a fresh new layout for invite emails, matching your company’s brand colors.

Switch easily between accounts

Mobile users are already able to switch between different user accounts. Now that function is available for web users too.

If you’ve got multiple Motimate accounts, it’s now easier than ever to navigate between them. You’ll be able to swap between accounts and view which accounts are logged in directly in the Settings menu.

Keep up with all the action

Group Admins are now able to view progress on any Moti assignments that contain actions. 

You’ll be able to check on due dates and completion dates, and the new custom reporting update (see above) has a simple template for collating those important results too.

A new domain

Motimate has a brand new domain:

This will make accessing your account speedier, neater, and more straightforward.

The old domain will continue to be supported for now (it’ll be phased out over the coming months). Visit the FAQs page for more info.

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