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How to use compensation programs to improve workplace DEI performance

When it comes to workplace diversity, equity, & inclusion (DEI), many companies struggle with how to link their overall strategic goals to actions that lead to real-world change. Incorporating DEI KPIs into bonus programs is a powerful way to align strategy and operational execution and drive change.  According to McKinsey, the majority of employees report that […]

Is coming out really still such a big deal at work?

Over the past one or two decades, the corporate world has played an important supporting role in advocating for LGTBQ+ issues. As many companies celebrate Pride month this June, there’s still more that they can do to create more inclusive workplaces. These days, brands are increasingly incorporating support for LGBTQ+ inclusivity and representation into visible […]

What’s your number? Everything you need to know about pay gap analysis

In this article, we explain the basics of understanding and getting started with gender pay gap analysis.

Den nye globale megatrenden

Frem til nylig har ESG-rapportering handlet om klima, og enda mer spesifikt CO2-utslipp. “S”-en (social) og “G”-en (governance) har av mange blitt glemt. Dette er nå i rask endring. Selskaper som ikke henger seg på i dag, risikerer å bli utdatert om få år.

Why inertia and disinterest are the internet criminal’s best friend

You’d think that two of the biggest tech companies in the world would have a tight guard when it comes to cyber security. And yet, between 2013 and 2015 a Lithuanian man was able to steal more than $100 million from Google and Facebook. How? By emailing them and asking for it. Evaldas Rimauskas set […]

Three ways the HR department can shape a better cyber security strategy

One of the most persistent myths about cyber security is that it’s solely the domain of the IT department. Yes, there are plenty of technical elements to cyber security – firewalls, emails filters, malware guards and the rest – but switched-on people are what form any business’ best defence against cyber criminals.  The vast majority […]

Why internet security and safety training needs to be interactive

Be honest: if you were to take your driving test tomorrow, would you pass? It’s fair to say that most people would fail. Even if they wouldn’t admit it themselves. Remembering all of those details you needed to pass is tricky. In the United Kingdom, as many as a million people have a driving license […]

The price of poor cybersecurity training is measured in millions of dollars

The 24th of November 2014 began like any other day at Sony Pictures. Until staff switched on their computers. When they did, they were greeted by a cartoon image of a grinning red skeleton and a warning: “This is just a beginning.” The company had been hacked by a group calling themselves ‘Guardians of Peace’, […]

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How Adaptive Learning Principles can help you Create Personalized Learning Experiences

Today, we know that different people learn in different ways and at different speeds, which is why adaptive learning theory is becoming increasingly popular. Find out these principles can help you Create personalized learning experiences.

Learn more about How Adaptive Learning Principles can help you Create Personalized Learning Experiences
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