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Get 50% off start up fees when you sign up with Motimate*

We know that running a successful health food chain takes an incredible amount of coordination and communication. A surprising number of single shops to large chains still rely on outdated systems that fail to give workforces the support and confidence they need to do a great job. Give your business performance a boost with our revolutionary mobile-first, digital training application.

So if you…

  • Are managing employees and/or franchisees across multiple locations
  • Are working with a young, dynamic workforce
  • Want to ensure consistent training and customer experiences…

…then we’ve got something special for you – you can get 50% start-up fees. That’s a significant saving on your licence fee. 

Wellness food campaign

A proven model in the healthy food industry

Led by Motimate’s Marieke, founder and former owner of successful frozen yogurt brand Yogurt Heaven. We’ve already helped Norway’s Funky Frozen Yogurt, LETT Scandinavia, The Avocado Show Europe and Yuicery eatery chain in Germany integrate Motimate into their businesses to give their staff training a health boost.

Motimate can help you increase business performance and…

  • Make sure training is relevant, consistent and delivered directly to your employees on the devices they carry with them all the time.
  • Keep track of individual performance and knowledge gaps to help personalise the training experience. 
  • Give your teams the confidence they need to deliver excellent customer service. 

A great learning tool to support your campaigns

Custom-designed for the modern workforce, Motimate is an invaluable tool for a contemporary workforce working across multiple locations because it is:

Easy to use

Making remote learning an inclusive experience.


Quickly and easily create targeted training that meets user needs.

Gamified content

Deliver learning that a contemporary workforce will respond to.


Offers in-built peer-to-peer communication capability modelled on the most popular social media platforms, proven to better engage employees.

Keeping track

Empowers remote managers to easily track user progress and identify skills gaps.

Building internal brand culture

Helps drive employee buy-in.

Experience Motimate in action.

To find out more about Motimate, what it is, how it works, who’s using it, and how you can take advantage of this crazily good offer, talk to one of our Motimate experts.

*The offer is open until 23.59 on 30th June 2021. Only applicable to new Motimate users. One entry per organization. More details will be shared in the first contact/call/meeting. 

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