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🎁 Welcome to Awesome Learning. Unwrapped. 🎁

Throughout December, our Creative Studio are sharing new hints, tips, and Motimate surprises. From design pointers to GIF-spiration and combatting short attention spans, there’ll be opportunities to learn something new every day.

We’ve created a Moti for each new tip, exclusively available for members of our Motimakers community.

Get unwrapping, and check back here every working day in the run up to Christmas to unveil more hints and tips. We’ll also keep you posted on social media.

Disclaimer: The Motimakers community is exclusively available to Motimate customers only.

Merry Christmas and a mighty Motimate new year!

Wishing all our customers, partners and friends a Merry Christmas and prosperous New Year from everyone here at Motimate 

Our Creative Studio has got one final Moti for you to unwrap…

Tip #1: Be unboring

Learning shouldn’t be a chore, or something that makes you snore. Keep things lively with a mix of text, video, and image content.

And why not throw in a surprise or two?

Tip #2: Show, don’t tell

With a digital course, the only thing missing is the teacher – the person who’s on hand to explain, provide examples, and highlight the key points.

This is how you can recreate that role in your Motis.

Tip #3: Have a clear learning objective

Can you sum up the end goal of your learning content in a single sentence? 

If not, you might need to refine it again.

Tip #4: Think micro

This is everything you need to know about the power of learning in bitesize chunks. 

Tip#5: Know your audience

Read the room! Here are some things to consider when designing a new training course.

Tip #6: Use quizzes to reinforce learning

Quizzes are a great way to reinforce learning. Here are some of the best quiz options in Motimate…

Tip #7: Keep it colourful

Did you know? Colour can improve our ability to remember both words and pictures, and play a positive role in understanding new things.

Life doesn’t happen in black and white, so learning shouldn’t either!

Tip #8: Be unique

There’s no one quite like you, so put yourself in the lesson too. Here’s how…

Tip #9: How to deal with shrinking attention spans

Some studies say that the human attention span is close to that of a goldfish.

Here’s how to avoid your audience becoming distracted…

Tip #10: Blend it

The best lessons involve a mix of approaches. This is how to combine online and in-person learning with Motimate

Tip# 11: Get the learner involved

A study in 2018 found that 67% of students are more motivated by interactive courses – here’s how to make your Motis more hands-on

Tip #12: Colour it in

We all know that a picture is worth a thousand words. But only if you get it right. 

These are some straightforward but smart rules to get you started…

Tip #13: Add a little seasoning to your sentences

It’s not just what you say, it’s how you say it. Nailing your tone of voice will help your sentences since –and learners learn!

Tip #14: Now it’s personal

Doesn’t it feel nice when something’s been made just for you? Here are some simple tips for making your Motis more personal

Tip #15 isn’t a tip: it’s a trend

We’ve looked back over the past 12 months, to see which online learning trends are going to take off in 2022…

Tip 16#: Create, evaluate, recreate

How do you know your Moti really worked? Today we’re digging in to all the evaluation tips you’ll need to make your courses shine

Tip #17: Posters for your posts

Here’s how to create impact with text, pics, and a splash of color. No glue or cardboard needed.

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