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Great news! You can now add Motis in Microsoft Viva Learning, the powerful, single-touchpoint learning hub. Motimate is now integrated with this leading learning platform, greatly enhancing its existing learning content collection. Users can quickly and easily access Motimate training in Microsoft Viva Learning with a single click.

Microsoft Viva Learning makes it easier for your teams to access and share resources, discover new content, and learn collaboratively without interrupting workflow. Now, you’ll be able to access Motimate’s extensive collection of fun, ready-to-use interactive learning content in Microsoft Viva Learning, and empower content users to ‘Recommend’ and ‘Share’ your Motis with their colleagues 😎

Motimate serves as the perfect content creation tool. Content needs to be created in Motimate and then tagged as ‘Viva Learning’ automatically for it to become available on Microsoft Viva Learning. It’s that easy! Additionally, Microsoft Viva Learning analyses your Moti description to suggest related content.

With Microsoft Viva Learning, your teams can now unlock your organisation’s learning content through a single touchpoint, with your Motis accessible alongside other learning content collections, such as LinkedIn and Microsoft 365 Learning. Your favourite learning content creation solution is now more powerful than ever!

Book a meeting to learn more about the integrated solution between Motimate and Microsoft Viva.

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