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Autumn Release ’22.

Amber leaves drifting off the trees, pumpkin-spiced everything, and a fresh nip in the air can only mean one thing. Motimate’s Autumn release is here! 

This time around, we’ve got improved MotiSpace Settings, bolstered security, new languages to add to our multilingual offering, and a shiny Group Admin feature to shout about.

Everything new for you this autumn.

One team, many dreams

Group Admins can now assign Motis to individuals or their own customized groups. 

This update provides even more flexibility, allowing managers to pick, choose, cut, and paste for optimum assignments. Just one thing: this update is only available on mobile for now, so grab your smartphone to make the most of it.

Say hello to new language options

We pride ourselves on making learning as accessible as possible. That includes speaking your language. 

In this update, we’ve added a couple more: Dutch and Norwegian Nynorsk. 

Welcome / Welkom / Velkomen! 👋

Learning under lock and key 🔐

Multi-factor authentication, or MFA, offers a security boost that all organizations should be making use of. This Autumn, you can now add MFA to your Motimate accounts.

When logging in, users will need to prove they are who they say they are by inputting a their unique one-time code.

To get set up with this, get in touch with our Customer Success team.

MotiSpace Settings gets even more improvements

We’ve added a bunch of extra filters and juiced up the search function in MotiSpace Settings. 

But that’s not all: the User Admin interface has had a full makeover, making it quicker, easier, and slicker to use than ever.

If you haven’t made the switch to MotiSpace Settings from Web Admin yet, now would be the time.

On the subject of security…

October is Cybersecurity Month! We’ve teamed up with the experts at NorSIS to create a series of courses to keep your defences up to scratch.

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