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Autumn Release ’21.

We’ve been super busy here at Motimate this autumn and we’re excited to be able to share all the new product developments we’ve got for you. 

Read on and see how the new updates will make things quicker and easier for you. 

Explore what’s new from Motimate this Autumn!

MotiSpace Settings. Your way, the easy way.

Motimate is here to help make things easy. And that’s exactly what the new Motispace Settings update is all about. Here we’re making things easier for some of our favourite people – Motimate admins. Now you can set up your MotiSpace exactly how you want it – in the brilliant new Settings application.

This update will allow you to:

  • Change your logo 
  • Change your theme colour 
  • Turn feature flags on and off for things like documents, leaderboard and  menu 
  • Create automated invitations for new users in SMS and email 
  • Create custom links to other applications and tools direct from Motimate 
  • Name and localise your playlists

Come over to the dark side with new Poster Editor.

We’ve added an elegant new dark mode to Poster Editor to make your content pop right out of the screen! You’ll also notice the toolbar is easier to use with elements stacked for a better overview. 

Plus you can now add drop shadow to images, icons and shapes and also add different kinds of borders as well. It’s time to get creative!

Automatic reminders for simpler self-onboarding

Here’s a simple little change to help get new starters started. Admins can now set up email reminders in the dashboard showing the number of users awaiting approval for a given page. So you get a nudge at 12pm every day, every 48 hours or once a week (whichever you choose) until all users have been approved.

Admins can also now set up email domains for automatic approval. Simply add the domain, say, as an automatic approval domain and any user will be able to sign up without you having to approve. Other domains will require approval as before. 

Join the MotiMakers! 

Over 100 Motimate Editors are part of our Motimakers community, learning from each other by sharing tips, tricks and more. If you’re a Motimate user join now to hear the latest news, make new Motifriends and get inspiration for new Motis!

Keeping your score to yourself 

Now as an Editor you can choose to run games like Swipe it and SpeedQuiz in private mode. This means we hide the high score connected to a specific game – so your amazing ability isn’t too daunting for everyone else!

Taking security seriously with multi-factor authentication

Online security is a serious issue and taking steps to protect ourselves is common sense. That’s why we’re introducing multi-factor authentication (M-FA) for Motimate admins. M-FA is a major component of a secure network requiring two or more methods of authentication to verify a user’s identity. Let’s stay safe out here. 

Share Motimate documents

Ever wanted to share a really cool PDF you came across in a Moti? Well now you can! Use the share button on mobile to send Motimate files to other apps. It’s only a little thing but it’s really handy.

Add more beautiful colors to the world

Now you can choose background and text color for the following content blocks:

  • Audio
  • Gallery
  • Text
  • Quote

Having a problem? No worries my friend – we’ve got you covered.

Visit our new help centre to learn how to make the most of all the features available to Motimate editors and admins.

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