At Motimate we take security seriously which is why we have put a lot of time and effort into making sure that our platform meets the high standards that are expected by our clients.

Our work is based on the following:

Information security is what keeps valuable information ‘free of danger’ (protected, safe from harm). It is not something we buy, it is something we do and it’s a process and not a product.

We achieve good information security by using a combination of suitable strategies and approaches:

  • Determining the risks to information and treating them accordingly (proactive risk management)
  • Protecting CIA (Confidentiality, Integrity and Availability)
  • Avoiding, preventing, detecting and recovering from incidents
  • Securing people, processes and technology


We make the following GDPR promises to our customers:

  1. Information limitation. We only process personal information to deliver the Motimate service to our customers. We do not use personal information for commercial purposes.
  2. Minimum data collection. We limit our processing of personal information to only what’s necessary to provide our service. We anonymize data when possible.
  3. Transmission. We limit the disclosure of personal information to what is required to provide our service. We have data processing agreements in place with all suppliers that receive personal information. We use suppliers and data centers within the EEA.
  4. Storage restrictions. We keep personal information only for as long as our customers require it. Upon termination of a customer agreement, we delete, return or anonymize personal information as agreed.
  5. Confidentiality. We have established security measures to protect against personal information falling into the wrong hands or being lost. We maintain and regularly revise our safety measures.
  6. Responsibility. We have established internal procedures and processes to ensure that our work with personal information is done in a structured and documented manner.

Want to know more about Motimate and security or how we meet the GDPR demands? Please reach out.

Motimate is built on well known and trusted providers such as: