To combine your Motimate data with external data, you can connect your live stream of Motimate user activity to a data analytics tool.

Our API let’s you connect your data with tools like Power BI, Qlikview or Tableau in an easy way.

Automate custom external reports in Power BI

To demonstrate how you can combine live Motimate data with your enterprise data, you can follow this sample. This sample has the enterprise data in a google sheet and you can replace the external source with other sources that Power BI supports.

Enterprise HR data stored outside of Motimate

Import motimate data into Power BI and connect the two datasources.

Start with selecting Get Data -> Web

Get data from Web

Paste in the URL to our Experience API and add the Authorization header with basic type. You must also add a header for Version: X-Experience-API-Version.

Remember to add the correct authorization and version headers

Structure the dataset they way you like it and add other data sources. We will use a google spreadsheet for this sample, but you can replace this with other sources. Make sure that your other data sources has a column that you can combine with a column from Motimate. I.e. you can map category name with department name or a xAPI Object Id with a Course Id. In Power BI you can set up a datamodel to associate them.

Import external data source. This sample is from a google spread sheet.
Connect the two data sets.

Now that the report is set up with Motimate data and other data sources, you can visualize them in a custom report and click on the refresh button to update the user activity data from Motimate.

Click on the Home, Refresh button to update the activity data.